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We provide a reliable resource of Football news, along with key infomation and sastistics from the Premier Leauge(Currently only the Premier Leauge.). If you need any Football news, contact us on an admin's user page. Every external link, news, rumours etc are all from a reliable source. You will find the Latest News below. For more Infomation, see our Infomation page, which new users must see in order to start helping on this wiki.User rights requests are also included.


With our apologies, Football Crazy is undergoing a major change with a long-term project of team pages. Unfortunatley, we have not got the editors available to get the job done quicker than 3-5 days. Any user who makes an edit on any page without user rights will be blocked until further notice.

The Lead Editor's New Weekly Article!

Liam the Football Lover (Our Founder and Lead of all User Rights at Football Crazy) has started a weekly article! Every week, he will write a whole article about the latest matches, his predictions, etc. This will be created soon.